About the kennel

Fam. NystuenWe are a small family of three persons, dad Arnfinn, mom Linda, and daughter Anita. We have put down roots in Blaker, Sørum, Akershus, where we have a cozy house that is characterized by dogs. Anita lives not far off, together with two of the family's dogs. The family has pretty much always consisted of dog. The first dog was Rex, who was a coal-black labrador. After that came another labrador named King. Anita grew up with King by her side, and he lived a good and long life together with us. In May 2003, he was unfortunately put down because of cancer, and it was very hard for all of us. We had no plans for more dogs, but soon realized that we could not live without. We researched a lot about the breed Tibetan Spaniel, and it ended with us visiting Wenche Elgesem, kennel Aludi, in Kvelde. In June 2005 our first tibbie arrived in our home.


Exhibition has become a big part of our life, which is very odd. It is strange that we continued with exhibitions, it went badly on our first, a hot and tiring day at puppyshow Letohallen. It was that one trip that made a difference, and after that it has only been more and more. We head on trips and exhibitions both nationally and internationally with our motorhome that accommodates us all, Anita also has a caravan. The camping life fit us perfectly, both humans and animals. Every winter we look forward to the season to start again, so we can drag around with the camper and caravan. This is a hobby the whole family love, and that we share together.

Our goal

Dogs are life, and it is important that our dogs live a good life. Health and well-being is something we value highly. The dogs we have is sound and healthy, and they all show a clear sign that they are doing well. Many dogs look at exhibit with fear, but with us this is not an issue. Right from they are puppies, we train on that exhibition should be fun among other socializing. We search for sound and healthy dogs to breed our own lines. Bad bones, bad temper, eye problems, etc is something we keep ourselves far away from. We have a clear view of how our perfect tibbie should be, and some of the dogs we have now is a great foundation for our dream-lines. We are very proud of our offspring.

The name ANLIAR


After we got more Tibbs in the house, the topic about puppies and kennel came up. We started to talk about what our potential kennel name would be.

Many wishes were taken into consideration, but it stood between two names. One name was Anliar: AN - Anita, LI - Linda, AR - Arnfinn.

We sent an application to the NKK and applied for the name. 15.11.06 we received letters from NKK that the kennel name was approved.