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Updated 09.04.17
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Welcome to kennel ANLIAR, Anton-hode
owned by Arnfinn, Linda & Anita Nystuen.


Dogs is an important part of our lives and we have found our passion for the breed Tibetan Spaniel. Our first tibbie entered the house in 2005 and after that it has propagated. As of today consists the herd of 8 Tibbs, where 2 great individuals came into the world in our first litter born in 2014. The herd consists of young, old, quiet and eager dogs, both bitches and males. Our flock is a good example of the breed's characteristics, where not a single individual is equal, either in appearance or personality wise. The breed is known for its peculiarity and how they leave their mark on the family.

When we breed it is important for us that the breed should bring its great personality further, that they should have good temperament and that there should be sound and healthy dogs. We prioritize excited and happy dogs, who have all of their teeth, healthy bones and healthy eyes. We breed on dogs that are documented PRA-free and eye checked several times in their lives.

Our favorite hobby has become exhibitions and you'll find us at dogshows both nationally and internationally. We love to talk and brag about our great breed so we are happy to talk on the phone or answer you by mail, and of course we talk when we meet. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish, we accept you with open arms.

Maybe we're thinking about puppies so that you might end up with a dog from kennel ANLIAR?


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