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Katrin og Bør


We're so happy! It's official - Bør is going to live with beautiful and 

lovely Katrin Reinaus in Estonia. Thank you so much for wanting our little angel.

Bob and Gitte are going to leave here with us.

The opertunitys are still open for Bjøro, and we seek carer/collaborator for him. Please contact us with questions or interest




Int. dogshow 11.03.17
Södermanlands Kennelklubb, Strängnäs (Sweden)

Judge: Birgit Sluiter

EJW-15 NUCH Anliar's Anton-io Bandera-s ~ Exc, 3.CHC

Anliar' Areth-a Frank-lin ~ Exc, CK, 1.OC, 1.BB, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Thank you so much to the judge, for thinking so highly of our breeding!

Areth-a 11.mars 2017

Bir og Bim 11.mars 2017



The puppies are 5 days old
Our small delights grows and they all put on weight. They are five days old. Below is a picture of our babies.

From left: Bjøro - one sable male with a little weak, white spot on the chin. Bob - a black male with a white spot on the chin, a white spot in the chest and some white toes. Buddy - black male with white from the chin across the chest and the stomach. In addition, he has some white toes. Bør - our coal black male. Gitte-  the only bitch, little and sable. In addition, she has a white tip on her chin.

Are you in love yet? Please contact us!


B-kullet 5 døgn



Take contact if interested or if you have any questions.

We've got 5 puppies, 4 males and 1 female.
This litter is historical, because the father is the first NORWEGIAN BRED tibbie to ever become champion in Norway.

4 males available!




10/11 days left
Our B-litter is going to be a big one! It seems to be 5 puppies, and Alfa is very huge at this point. We're looking forward to a very exciting birth!




Day 40
We're getting there and it's exciting!
Alfa is getting bigger and bigger, and we can't wait to meet our puppy-angels 

Dam: Monasin's Happy Girl "Alfa"
Sire: MULTI CHAMP Monasin's El Negro Diablo "Diablo"

This is the first and last litter with this historical sire. He's the first NORWEGIAN-BRED tibbie, to ever become norwegian champ. Something that we're all very proud of!








Nat. dogshow, Bø, Telemark 14.01.17
Judge: Natasa Blanusa

The kennel got it's first champion.

EJW-15 Anliar's Anton-io Bandera-s became NEW NORWEGIAN CHAMPION today!!

Anton ble champion

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